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Social Media Training

We work every week with such a wide variety of businesses. Our new website launched this week so we thought we would write our first blog on this new site about what to consider when venturing into the world of social media.

A lot of businesses we speak to do not see the point of using social media. This is because they do not understand the power of what can be achieved and I think feel overwhelmed at the choice of platforms out there.

So firstly think about which platforms might work best for you.

  • Start with considering which sites your target market will be using and secondly do some competitor research.

Then consider your objectives

  • More sales
  • Generate interest around an event or particular product or service
  • Share information on your industry and showcase your expertise
  • Provide resources for current customers
  • Monitor what is being said about your business
  • Monitor the competition

Decide on your time

Who is going to be managing the social media and what time do they have to spend on it. You need to devote time to something to do it well and for it to be effective.

Get training!

There is more to social media than just putting posts out there. This is the biggest mistake we see and can easily be rectfied by getting proper in depth social media training.

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