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Why bother with social media for your business?

We are living in a digital fast paced society and many small business we work with have found that they have never needed to use social media- until now!

Faced with losing customers as they have no presence on social media or finding out people have left bad reviews about them they didn’t know about- they panic into signing up for every platform on the planet!

Don’t do this! Think carefully which ones will work for your business. Its better to be on one or two platforms and do them well than several done badly because you don’t have the time.

Social media is important whether you like it or not- because that is what consumers and businesses use to search for what they want or need.

You can also use these sites for competitors research, information on the latest news and views in your industry and to promote your news, products and services.

We recommend really considering which platforms will work- the 4 main ones are now Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus. Instagram is also a main players with 15-30 year olds and Snap Chat and Whats App

Focus on the content on your website and making that central to your business. When using social media feed back to that as this will help increase your site traffic – a major advantage of social media.

You need to bother about social media, its not going to go away, and in fact will get increasingly more sophisticated as we progress further into the digital age.  You need to care about it, you need to make sure your message is clear and your interaction is high.



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