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Don’t rely on social media for clients

Don’t rely on social media for clients

All too often I speak to  business owners who are only using social media platforms for marketing their goods and services and ignoring more traditional forms of marketing.

This is a big mistake! You should have a marketing plan and in that plan list all the activities you could do to capture new clients and raise awareness of your business.

Marketing Activities you can try 

  • Networking– a great way to build your local contacts and raise awareness of what you do
  • Support a local charity– think about what aligns with your business and target customer
  • An event – invite existing customers and allow them to bring a guest and also other local companies or potential clients
  • Local Radio– most are always looking for participants for their shows
  • Business Exhibitions – a great way to meet lots of new contacts in a day and find new strategic alliances
  • Business Awards– a great profile raiser and a way to really put you and your business on the map
  • Live Video and You Tube – make sure you have some videos on You Tube and you can use live video on Facebook too

Social Media is just one type of marketing – so remember -do not put all your eggs in one basket!

We have a list here of the A-Z Marketing channels you might find useful

Always review and check your marketing and see what is working and what you could improve on.

What else can you try

You might find PPC may work for you- so consider Google Ad Words or Facebook Ads

Have you tried LinkedIn ads?

Cold calls -make them luke warm

Cold calling and mail outs often work for small businesses if they are targeted to a particular list- espeically if its a warm one. A warm one might be people who have purchased before, people you have met at an event or exhibition or people who have opted in to receive a free information fact sheet from your website.



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