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Twitter Tips

Twitter Tips

Twitter Tips

Is Twitter dead? No – its very much alive but its how you use it that counts. Here are my Twitter tips based on my usage over the past 12 years.

Back ground to Twitter

Twitter has been around since 2006 and I have built up an engaged following which has led to more clients. It is also a great researching tool and you can find information on trending topics, news, competitors and industry information. It is a micro blogging site allowing just 280 characters per tweet. The tweet is the name given to the post. So think of it as sending small bite sized pieces of information which you then add a link to send the reader to find out more. You can upload up to 4 images on a tweet  or share a GIF or a video. It is a great platform for driving traffic to your website and creating awareness of your business.

Growing your followers

Follow people in your area, industry and people you know and network with

Retweet and share others and use the @ symbol to mention people in tweets- this creates engagement

Using Twitter Hours is a great to get interaction and traction for your brand.

You will need to follow lots of people to get followers- once you get to 2000 people you are following you will not be allowed to follow more people. This is to prevent spamming.     The limit seems to be somewhere around 80 percent, though it’s not consistent. So, if you’re following 2,000 people but have fewer than 1,600 followers, you’ve probably hit the ceiling. But the ceiling doesn’t automatically come off as you go over 1,600.

Thank people for sharing yours, good info, good business @RT’s –
Mention people worth following #ff on Fridays

#Hashtags are for using against key words – i.e. your area or your industry as people search for relevant information on twitter using this

Here are some tips on managing twitter

  • Once a week spend 15 mins entering 15 timed tweets to go out 3 x day- morning, lunchtime and evening.
  • Log on to twitter or Hootsuite once a day or use App on phone to Check for @ mentions. Reply to these  or send thank you.
  • Reply to any DM’s as they arrive in or each time you visit.
  • Read your tweet stream every visit .Try to RT at least one post per visit
  • Look for content you can use on your blog/Facebook or LinkedIn.

Using Twitter Hours is a great to get interaction and traction for your brand.

Twitter Hours UK-wide generic hours


  • #UKBizLunch 12pm-1pm  – A lunchtime UK networking hour (lots of food pics)
  • #BizHour  Mon-Fri 2-3pm
  • #B2BHour  Everyday 3-4pm  – Business to business networking
  • #CakeClubHour      Mon-Fri 3-4pm –  Generic networking hour
  • #WomanInBiz  Mon-Fri 6-7pm – Networking for women only


  • #BizMumFollow      9am-9pm – All day networking for Mums
  • #LateBookingHour     7-8pm – A place to showcase your hotel deals
  • #CoachingHour    8-9pm –  Networking for coaching businesses
  • #CreativeBizHour    8-9pm –  Networking for creative businesses
  • #MondayMadness     8:30-9:30pm – UK Businesses
  • #TwitterBrothers      9-10pm – Networking for Men on Twitter
  • #MumpreneurHour      9-10pm – Networking hour for Mumpreneurs
  • #Hertshour 8-9pm Hertfordshire Business
  • #Bedshour 8.30pm-9.30pm Bedfordshire Business
  • #MondayMotivation – quotes to get you motivated


  • #FashionHour     7-8pm – Fashion related chat
  • #SMEHourUK     7-8pm – Networking for UK Small Medium Enterprises
  • #SmallBizHour    9-10pm – Promoting UK small businesses
  • #BNIHour      9-10pm – BNI business Networking Hour
  • #4NHour      9-10pm – 4N business Networking Hour
  • #Charity Tuesday


  • #HRHour      11am-12pm – Networking hour for people in HR
  • #RecruitHour     7-8pm – Networking for recruitment businesses
  • #MenMeanBiz      7-8pm – Networking Hour for business men
  • ##BuyBritishBrands 8:30-9:30pm – Networking for British brands
  • #TangerineTalk     8:30-9:30pm – Generic British networking
  • #EventHour      9-10pm – Networking for event management businesses
  • #WeddingHour      9-10pm – For wedding related businesses
  • #WednesdayWisdom
  • #WIBNHour


  • Throwbackthursday
  • #TwitterSisters      8:30-9:30pm – Networking for women business
  • #UKHolidayHour      8:30-9:30pm – Networking hour for UK holiday businesses
  • #BNIHour     9-10pm – BNI business Networking Hour
  • #MumpreneurHour     9-10pm – Networking for entrepreneurial mums


  • #EcoHour     12-1pm – Eco-friendly business networking
  • #PartyBizHour    1-2pm – Networking hour for the party and fancy dress Industry
  • #GBHour      4-5pm – Great British Networking
  • #RetailHourTime      8-9pm –  Networking Hour for retail businesses


  • #SatChat      8-9:15am – Saturday Morning networking
  • #WeekendHour      11am-12pm –  Networkingfor UK businesses
  • #SatchatUK      6-7pm – Networking for UK businesses
  • #EnglandHour     Sunday 9-10pm – Networking for businesses in England


  • #SBS 5-7:30pm – Networking event set up by Dragons Den’s @TheoPaphitis with weekly winners.
  • #PromotingWomen      7-8pm – Networking hour for women in business
  • #WomaninBiz      8-9pm – Networking hour for women in business

This is by no means an exhaustive list


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