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What is your digital footprint?

What is your digital footprint?

What does your online footprint share about you and your business and why is this important. How you appear in search results and what is indexing could be the difference between winning and losing a new client. If you are a job seeker it could mean not being offered a job!

How to check your digital footprint

Firstly go to Google and then  –

  • Google your name
  • Google your business

When doing this use a private incognito search. Click here to find out how do this 

What did you find? Hopefully you found lots of good stuff about you and your business!

Pay the most attention to what comes up on page one. Check images and videos too.

Then check the next 2-4 pages and note anything you need to check.

If you find anything negative or incorrect you can then decide how to proceed.

Set up a Google Alert

In Google you can create alerts which sends you fresh information posted online.

You can set up a Google Alert on your name, company name and you might want to also add an alert for your industry and maybe your local area.

Here is more information on how to do this.

What else should you check?

  • Check out your social media profiles – search for your name and business here as well. Check the hashtags you are using.
  • Check out listings on other websites – you might have created that Yell Listing years ago which might be out of date.

While you are on a checking spree- check your website and see if that needs a spruce up! Have you ever asked anyone else to visit your site and feedback their user experience. Now is a good time!

Check your Google Analytics which is a rich source of data which you can use to develop your business.

  • You can find out the demographics of who visited, how they found you and what journey did they take through your site?  Plus which social networking sites generate traffic.
  • Does anyone read your blogs?

LinkedIn – check your profile is coming up if your name is typed into Google. If not check why – have you claimed your url and have you optimised for key words?

Also add your company website and create your company page.

You want as much internet real estate to link to you as possible.

How often should you check Google?

This should be done on a regular basis, ideally each month. If you have the alerts set up as well this will act as another resource for you. Managing your online persona is so important.


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