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Harness the Power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a must for any professional or business owner. Its a huge database and you can find leads for your business or contacts in any industry anywhere and not a cold call needs to be made. There are so many advantages to having a presence. These include

  • Increased SEO for your business and your name

  • New customers can find you

  • Demonstrating your expertise via group discussions

  • Check out the competition in your industry

Our training focuses in helping you to form a great profile and find business contacts in your chosen industry and geographic area.

We cover-

LinkedIn introduction-why use it and what you can gain from it

How to creating a compelling and impactful profile

The importance of Keywords

Personal content

  • How to make and grow connections

  • The power of advanced search

    • Finding specific people

    • How to check out the competition in your geographic area/industry

    • How to find new contacts in your geographic area or in specific companies/industry 

  • Raising your profile - How to write posts and articles 

    • LinkedIn etiquette
      Company pages