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Networking Skills

Networking done properly will get your results.

Done badly it will damage your brand.

People buy people. This is why attending networking events works! You must get to know the people you meet, build trust and relationships before business is usually done.

This session will teach you how can you reach out and build relationships with strangers! British people tend to be introverted and particularly in the South of England are not brought up to talk strangers. When polled most people said they would rather sit by themselves than talk to someone they didn’t know!

Not only does this workshop teach you how to talk to strangers but also what to consider when attending networking groups and how to decide which group to join. There are so many to chose from-finding one which is right for you can be a massive issue.

There are books on the subject of networking, there are numerous videos and tips online. However this subject is best taught face to face in a real life networking situation- this is how we as humans learn best. There is no substitute for learning in a networking environment.

So come along and be prepare to rid yourself of stranger danger, perfect an elevator pitch and find out about follow up. This session will ensure that whatever networking you are doing and where ever it will be effective and create new business for your company. Investing time and this small fee ( if you are a Non VIVA Member) will be money and time well spent.