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Social Media Management

Do you find you just don’t have the time or the staff to find content and update your social media?

Our plans are designed for small business owners who want to ensure they have a current, well thought out and responsive social media presence.

We work with you on 3 main goals

  • To increase and maintain your online visibility
  • To increase website traffic
  • To increase your leads and sales

Social media is here to stay and companies who ignore this will lose business to competitors who are active and creditability online. The methods we use are tried and tested and are bespoke to your company. We focus on your desired locations, client demographic and use methods which are effective in showcasing your brand.

1-2-1 training in networking Skills

Confused with all the networking options? We can help you identify what you want to achieve from networking, help you find the right networking events for your business and work on your elevator pitch and presentation skills.

You need a networking strategy to ensure your time is well spent and we can help you to form one which will bring you business.

We also offer open courses in networking skills.

LinkedIn Training

We run courses and can also offer bespoke training to-

  • Help you to get your profile working for you
  • Advise you on what and where to post information on your business
  • How to leverage new contacts for your business


We run courses and can also offer bespoke training

  • Ensuring your profile can help you can more business from Twitter
  • Helping you on what to Tweet and when!
  • How to engage with your followers and gain more traffic to your website
  • What all the twitter slang means!


We offer courses and bespoke training to help you

  • Set up a business page
  • Drive people to your page
  • Customer engagement
  • Gain more business via Facebook