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Social Media Strategy

Why do you need a strategy?

When using online digital marketing tools and sites a lot of time ( and money) can be wasted very quickly and easily.

You dont have to be on all sites, it better to pick out 2 or 3 and use them well, than have a presence everywhere and not be able to manage it all.

For example-

Pinterest is fantastic for companies with a visual business i.e. Home design, Art and Crafts, Travel Agencies. Businesses that have great visual content. It will not work as well for a firm of accountants or solicitors.

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for legal, financial, companies that offer business services but in the main everyone can benefit from a well thought out profile. We recommend everyone has a presence on LinkedIn.

Twitter can be time consuming and is not for every business. There are time saving tips and tricks we can tell you about and there are lots of ways of gaining business leads but needs a time commitment to be successful.

Facebook can work really well with business to consumer type companies ( i.e. beauty, hair, therapists, gardening, pet services) but with many recent changes it is becoming harder to get the results you need without paying for it via their advertising schemes.

So all sites need consideration before deciding which ones to focus on. Consider what resources you have. How much time can you devote and how many of your staff can assist. Also its important to have a social media policy in your company that all staff are made aware of.

We will help you to consider which are the right sites for you and look at your resources with you.

Our social media strategy support helps you to outline and understand the following-

  1. To outline what you want to accomplish

  2. Identify your ideal client

  3. To communicate your USP

  4. Set goals and objectives

  5. Focus on areas of importance

  6. To create an action plan for what you need to do and when!

  7. To track your progress

  8. To remind you that this is your business and not a hobby!

We run regular open courses in small groups, offer 121 sessions or can work in your company onsite.