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Twitter- what is it? Whats all the fuss about? Should I be using it to promote my business?

The answer for many businesses is YES! So if you are unsure call us for advice.

Twitter is a micro blogging site and is used to share information quickly and in real time. It is a useful tool to gain more contacts and customers for your business when used in the correct way and manner. The only investment is your time. You can send short bite sized updates of 140 characters. Useful for interacting on subjects which interest you and communicating offers, recommendations and opinions.

Why use it

  • To interact with customers, contacts made a networking event, other companies in similar industry, to find prospective new customers, to raise your online profile

  • Google index your tweets- often giving you a higher position than your web page

We offer open courses in Using Twitter for Business

This covers taking you step-by-step through the process of setting up account, how to tweet, what to tweet, how to find followers and how to manage and maximise your time. We also cover how Twitter may fit into a social media marketing strategy.

In addition we offer advice and tips on how to increase your sales in your business.

Alternatively we offer in-house training and 121 sessions.